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No matter where you are on your revenue management journey, IDeaS can help you go further.Solutions for Every Business Type, Need and Budget

0:13 I'm a big advocate of automation in revenue management so using ideas means
0:20 that we are freeing up our resources to spend their time doing what they need to
0:26  do to deliver better business results
0:34 we can't deliver revenue management without automation we need to be able to
0:41 gain business insights so that we make sure that we're spending our time doing
0:45 the right things executing the right things that will give us the best
0:48 opportunities so working with ideas has freed us up to be able to make more
0:56 informed decisions about what we do ideas has continually shown that they
1:06 are willing to go the extra mile with us as a business partner to create the
1:13 kinds of solutions that we need in order to deliver better results have shown
1:17 that bow through technology developments and most certainly through the level of
1:22 relationship that we have and the degree to which they will go the extra mile to
1:27 provide a solution for us
1:35 the ongoing support calls that we receive mean that we're staying in touch
1:41 again it's showing ideas commitment to understanding what's important to us at
1:46 any given time we can have touch points around the technology around the
1:50 processes that we use to execute revenue management and around our understanding
1:56 of the systems that you provide us with
2:03 usually in on a single hotel bases in executing revenue management solutions
2:09 then on a major roll out with one of your customers with whom you partnered
2:16 hilton international organization i was on the receiving end and part of the
2:21 execution deployment of your system across the portfolio

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