Hotel Food & Beverage is an unending and swiftly changing marketplace.

Hotel Food & Beverage is an unending and swiftly changing marketplace.

It is also top-of-mind for everyone in the industry and finding the right solutions and partners are crucial elements for hoteliers.

Food matters! Hotels hire well-known chefs and spend millions of dollars to design spaces that are sexy, intriguing and inviting for food and drink lovers that happen to be traveling and staying at their property, or for locals wanting a unique dining or lounge experience. It’s no wonder that hotels happen to have some of the most exciting restaurants and bars & lounges globally.

There continues to be a growth in the interest of food and beverage from both an experience level and a knowledge base, a hunger for learning about cooking and about sustainable food and about creative design. Even extreme knowledge of fine wine has become an investment topic hoteliers consider when designing their boutique properties. 

Finding the right wines and understanding what it takes to buy and how to serve it, is much more than simply looking online to research. Since wine is now an alternate commodity, the buyer may be faced with the need for a great broker to help them through the process.
To navigate the fine waters of food, wine and beverages in general, you will want to attend the June 7th Boutique Hotel Investment Conference taking place at the beautiful Times Center in New York (just adjacent to the New York Times Building). The early-bird pricing of $200 off is available only until March 15th.

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