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B erlin, October 20, 2017 – In these dizzying times of distraction and information overload, Design Hotels™ has heeded a global call for connection and social impact. A portfolio of more than 300 hotels worldwide—and a larger creative network that surrounds them—presents a unique opportunity to bond, bridge, and inspire, and from that mindset,

Design Hotels™’ own initiative “Further” is born. This collaboration of diverse communities coming together aims to co-create meaningful and immersive hospitality experiences driven by social impact–a mission to bring people to a collective consciousness around wellbeing, creativity, and purpose.

With this quest, Design Hotels™ sees not only the responsibility of the hospitality industry to offer deeper meaning to its guests, but also an opportunity to create engagement through cultural programming.

A new breed of hoteliers has followed this command, creating community hubs that offer cultural, spiritual, and intellectual programming to those looking to connect and interact more deeply. Encapsulating this ethos, the eclectic mountain escape in upstate New York, Scribner’s Catskills Lodge, hosted the first initiative of a series that puts this call to action into motion.

Over a late September weekend, guests of Scribner’s Catskills Lodge and the Design Hotels™ Community enjoyed curated movement and meditation experiences; intersecting leading wellness communities District Vision and Goldish, and conversations from thought-leaders on climate change, including a debate between the United Nations Development Program and Pathway to Paris.

Roundtables on the new age of experiences were held by interdisciplinary representatives from Babel, Surface Magazine, and Design Hotels™, and capping off the weekend summit was a full body music and sound experience with Eli Light and Goldcap.

Taking this purpose to the Southern Hemisphere, Further has just wrapped up an events series in Brazil at the Brutalist private villa Chez Georges. From an idyllic vantage point, set between central Rio De Janeiro and its southern beaches, the three-day event was co-curated by the team behind the experiential music and arts festival FORM Arcosanti.

This edition of Further hosted an intimate writing camp of internationally renowned musical artists, including experimental cellist Kelsey Lu, drummer Zach Tretcault of Hundred Waters, Canadian electro-pop duo Purity Ring, LA-based electronic auteur Empress Of, and folk singer Julie Byrne. The international talent came together with indigenous Brazilian artists to create site-specific music aiming to raise awareness for sustainable development communities in Brazil, in partnership with the Equator Initiative.

The final day of this event hosted a closing concert, a collective showcase celebrating their time at Chez Georges and sharing the auditory results of the writing workshops with the greater Rio community.

The event also brought together founder and CEO of Design Hotels™ Claus Sendlinger, and the creative director of iconic Brazilian fashion house Osklen, Oskar Metsavaht, for a conversation on the responsibility of brands to expand the emotional and cultural consciousness of today's discerning consumers.

Design Hotels™ has long been at the forefront of new movements and experiences, and Further is another step into the great beyond. Stay tuned (and engaged).

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