The new A800 – unlimited possibilities

The new A800 – unlimited possibilities

Aarburg, February 18, 2016 – The new A800 from Franke Coffee Systems is the ultimate performance heavyweight and opens up a whole universe of individual beverage creations. It also guarantees top quality at high volumes.
In recent years, the world of coffee has become more vibrant, varied, and creative than ever before. Today’s coffee drinkers are constantly being offered new ways to enjoy their beverages, while countless milk and chocolate specialties expand this choice even further.

The new A800 was developed in order to respond to this growing demand for variety, while also guaranteeing optimum results in even the most hectic situations thanks to its outstanding efficiency. It is built for top performance, through and through.

Unparalleled capacity

With its 3-part boiler system and a superior operating concept, the A800 can handle even the largest order volumes in a flash. It can make coffee, foam milk, and prepare hot tea all at the same time without losing its cool. Multiple orders can be entered in a single step and the A800 works through the list independently. Tapping the touchscreen is all that is needed to call up the individual drinks.

Dreamy foam as standard

The FoamMaster™ is integrated in the A800 as standard. This guarantees exceptional, barista-quality milk foam, even at high capacity. The foam can be prepared individually for every order – from thin to incredibly thick (and everything in between) – with the same outstanding quality as a hand-foamed beverage. An efficient, intelligent foaming process reduces the amount of milk needed, while the FoamMaster™ guarantees unparalleled, unmistakable milk foam quality.

Maximum individuality

The A800 caters for every possible taste in drinks as it provides restaurant owners with every option imaginable. It can be fitted with up to three coffee grinders, a double powder dosing system for chocolate, or even a flavor station and a cup warmer. The A800 is also flexible when it comes to chilling the milk. This wealth of possibilities means you can upgrade your A800 system in stages.

The A800 can also be connected via our telemetry solution so you can keep sight of all these features – any time and anywhere. This gives you a constant, real-time overview of sales data, coffee bean and milk consumption, and any operating messages.

Intuitive operation

A new full-color, 10.4-inch touchscreen provides the attractive control panel on the machine. As well as showing all those tempting drinks, it is also a dream to use on a day-to-day basis. The display shows large, crystal-clear product images and can be individually configured to add messages and pictures that inspire your customers and boost sales. Self-service operation lets your guests choose their desired product themselves with touch and swipe actions. An LED lighting concept supports service staff with handy functional alerts.

The A800 was developed and produced in Switzerland. It represents the high levels of quality on which Franke has built its global reputation. Don’t miss its world premiere at INTERGASTRA in Stuttgart from February 20 to 24 and INTERNORGA in Hamburg from March 11 to 16.

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