PT. Sinar Himalaya was established in 1974, Asia or Europe packaging

PT. Sinar Himalaya was established in 1974, nature business focusing on Sales and Marketing of imported either Asia or Europe packaging, pharmaceutical, woodworking, food and bakery machinery, hotel/restaurant/cafe equipment and bake ware utensils, we deliver advanced technology and proven excellent quality, reliable and endurable products, and authentic after sales service at any time, providing more forefront services; we also maintain adequate inventory/stock level of genuine spare parts, equipments and accessories to ensure your equipments can be fixed promptly.

For almost four decades, thanks to our esteemed client’s faithfully support and proponent, and based on constantly accumulated successful experience and competitive edge in developing the business, we are expanding our business vigorously while implementing product diversification, supplying products to the development trend, whatever products you may need, you will almost be able to find one suitable to your requirement; Currently our clients ranging from large scale to small scale factories (for each industry), laboratory, wholesalers and retailers, hypermarket/supermarket chain stores, hotels, restaurants, cafes, bakery shops, cake shops, home users, personal etc.,


Food & bakery processing machines, planetary mixers, spiral mixers, proofers, retarder proofers, gas and electric convection ovens, deck ovens, rack ovens, tunnel ovens, dough dividers and rounders, moulders, dough sheeters, dough forming machines, sour tanks, water flow controllers, bread slicers, doughnut fryer, egg washing/grading/cracking lines, automatic stamping machines, multi-function encrusting machines, make up lines, white bread/sweet bun production lines, french bread equipments, sealed sandwich manufacturing machines, gas steam cabinets, show cases.


Improve baking effect and quality, one-stop utensil center for all your baking need:. baking trays, bread & cake moulds, non-stick loaf pans, mousse rings, dough wheels, cake stands, scrappers, measuring cups, ingredient bins,  tag holders, food tongs, display tables, spatulas, bread knives, cake knives, chef knives, carving knives, decorating knives, rolling pins, fruit ballers, gloves, dollies, paper cups, aluminum foil products, pastry tips and bags, gastronom pans, ladles, chocolate fountains, silicone moulds, Japanese style sheet, silk papers, silicone coated papers, mousse cups, paper doilies, grease/oil-proof paper cups, heat resist paper cups, kraft paper bags, etc.


Most equipments satisfy GMP regulation, rotary tablet press, sugar coating, film coating, super mixer granulator, fluid-bed granulator, capsule filling machine, hot air circulating oven, drying aseptic oven, pressure atomizing granulating drier, spray drier for Chinese traditional medicine extract, tumbling mixer, three dimensional mixer, vibration screens, coarse crusher, universal crusher, fine crusher, turbine pulverizer, cyclone-separating pulse dust collecting fine crusher, two-stage colloid mill, vibrating mill, swing granulator, horizontal ribbon mixer, conical twin-screw mixer, mesh-belt drier, tablet hardness testers, tablet friability testers, tablet thickness testers, etc.


Band sealers, vacuum packaging machines, strapping machines, carton sealers, carton erectors, automatic encasing machines, shrink package machines, tray wrapping machines, skin packaging machines, induction sealing machines, blister sealing machines, chamber vacuum packaging machines, automatic folding machines, carton coder, carton inserting machines, stretch wrapping machines, automatic distribution assortment packaging system, automatic paste-state packing machines, automatic powder packing machines, computer sealed box machines, high-speed vertical packing machines, liquid & paste products packing machines, granule products packing machines, labeling machines, plate style al-plastic blister packaging machines, etc.


Hotel/Restaurant/Cafe equipments:  barbeque ovens, electric bain maries, toasters, infrared electric/gas salamanders. Chicken rotisserie, pressure fryers, freezers, chillers, pizza moulders, pizza tables, meat mixer grinders, electric griddles, electric crepe machines, coffee boiler and warmers, cold and hot drink dispensers, heavy duty gas ranges, gas noodle cookers, gas fryers, wecaccao waffle makers, waffle bakers, electric fish pellet grills, electric contact grills, sandwich machines, red bean cake grills, doughnut makers, walnut cake grills, electric waffle stoves, electric hotdog bakers, gas coturnix egg stoves, electric Korean fish pie makers, electric Japanese style pie makers, deluxe pan cake makers, chafing dishes, soup chafers, etc.


A wide range of woodworking machinery: gang rip saws, multiple rip saws, double surface planers, vertical & horizontal band saws, hollow chisel mortise, vertical & horizontal finger joint systems, double end tenoners, rotary composers, panel saws, crosscut saws, beam saws, dowel drilling machines, 4-side planers and moulders,  multi spindle boring machines, wide belt sanders, veneer sanding machines, single spindle chuck veneer lathe, carbide tool/saw grinders, automatic knife grinders, edge banding machines, hot presses, tilting arbor saw, etc.

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