Aryaduta Hotels Unveils its Contemporary Indonesian Uniforms

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Aryaduta Hotels Unveils its Contemporary Indonesian Uniforms

Aryaduta Hotels Unveils its Contemporary Indonesian Uniforms Jakarta, 14 November 2017 – Redesigning staff uniforms has been one of the latest fashion trends in the hospitality industry with leading hotels agreeing stylish staff attire offers another opportunity for a brand to express its uniqueness, communicate values and enhance customer experience.

Recently launching its haute couture uniform is Aryaduta Hotel Group, commissioning Sebastian Gunawan, the country’s legendary fashion designer, to create a versatile line that would be used throughout the group’s hotels. Regularly lauded in international fashion circles and a member of the elite “International Couturier Extraordinaire”, Mr. Gunawan’s Aryaduta sketches merge the designer’s imagination with the group’s vision:

“To Create a Globally Competitive Iconic Indonesian Hotel Brand”. The hotel group further tasked the fashion designer to help source its personalized bathroom amenities with La Bottega, a market leader in the cosmetic amenities industry, to create what it calls “a specific scent that reflects the Aryaduta brand experience”. 

The essence developed is what the designer playfully refers to as “Bamboo & Lily”.

“We wanted to create a fresh and soft, tropical fragrance, combining bamboo with
the aroma of jasmine,” says Mr. Gunawan. “And we further layered in the mix
cleansing lemon and refreshing grapefruit, all in union with cedar and sandalwood,
making for a rarefied essence that’s well suited to Indonesia, which has a high level
of humidity.”

Aryaduta Hotel Group, CEO, Anthony Ross says: “La Bottega was a good fit with Sebastian’s design, both are sophisticated yet sublime, one in look, one in scent – it just works. We are today redirecting the group with robust changes, and Sebastian’s design plays well with the mix of ‘iconic’ Indonesia and contemporary style we are aiming for in our guest touch points.”

From voguish uniforms and amenities to highly conceptualized food and beverage outlets and more, Mr. Ross explains: “Rebuilding the brand is well underway, piece by piece, within the existing properties as well as key characteristics in our new hotels such as Aryaduta Bali to open in December.”

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