Japan City Introduces Visitor Tax for Sustainable Tourism

Japan City Introduces Visitor Tax for Sustainable Tourism

A city in Japan has started charging visitors a small fee to help protect the environment and make sure tourism is good for the city.

The city of Hatsukaichi in Japan has added a new tax for people who visit its famous Itsukushima Shrine. This tax is being used to help protect the shrine and make sure tourism is sustainable. It is the first city in Japan to have a tax like this, and other cities may start doing the same.

Starting from October 1, the city of Hatsukaichi started asking every tourist visiting Miyajima Island to give them 100 yen (which is equal to about $0.68 in US money). Miyajima Island is in the southern part of the city and it has a special shrine there.

When you go on a ferry to the island, there is a fee called tax that is included in the ticket price. If you want to visit the island many times in a year, you can choose to pay 500 yen as a tax that covers all your visits.

Taking care of something and making sure it stays safe and protected.

It is our job to take care of nature, history, and culture and make sure they are still around for the future generations to enjoy.

The main place to visit on the island is a shrine by the sea. It was built a long time ago and is famous for its red gate that looks like it's floating on the water. It's even been recognized as a special place by a group called UNESCO. The leaders of some important countries, including the President of the United States, have visited the shrine. The people who live on the island want to make sure it stays a nice place for visitors while also taking care of their own needs. They think it's important to have enough money to do this. They hope that tourists will help them by paying a small tax. The money from the tax will be used to help keep the island clean and beautiful, take care of old buildings, protect the environment, and promote eco-friendly tourism. Most people who visit the island think it's a good idea to have the tax.

If we don't have enough money, it would be hard for us to keep being a place where people like to visit. We hope that the new tax will help us keep being a good place for tourists to come to.

After the pandemic, there were a lot of tourists visiting a city. This caused a problem because there were too many people and it was too crowded. To help with this problem, the city decided to charge a tax to the tourists. This tax would help limit the number of visitors and make sure the city doesn't get too crowded.

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