Heritage Line to Chart New Waters on Upper Mekong

Heritage Line to Chart New Waters on Upper Mekong

Luxury cruise operator schedules September launch for latest vessel

LUANG PRABANG, LAOS (Feb. 12, 2020) — One of Southeast Asia’s leading boutique cruise operators Heritage Line, is making progress on its sumptuous new ten-berth ship Anouvong, which will be the first luxury boat to ply the upper-Mekong river in Laos upon its launch later this year.

“We are well on course to complete Anouvong in good time,” said Andreas Schroetter, Heritage Line’s director of sales and marketing. “It’s always a really exciting feeling watching the team at the shipyard guiding our boats to completion, and this is no exception. It makes it even more thrilling when you know that this particular ship will be such a game-changer when it comes to cruise journeys on the upper reaches of the Mekong River.”
Winding its way from the mysterious Golden Triangle at the Thailand/Laos border in the northwest, through the royal city of Luang Prabang and down to the Lao capital, Vientiane, the boat, with its eight spacious staterooms and two luxurious suites, will plot a course through some of the planet’s most spectacular riverine territory.

The cruise operator offers two journeys. The shorter sailing travels from Luang Prabang to the town of Huay Xai on the Laos/Thailand border (or vice versa) over three days. A longer journey unfolds over 7 or 9 nights and charts a course between the Laos/Thailand border at Huay Xai and Vientiane.

The shorter trip offers spectacular scenery, a trip to the village of Huay Palang to meet ethnic Khmu tribes and other highlights such as Pak Ou Caves, which is home to 4000 sacred Buddhist statues.

The longer alternative embraces sight-seeing along remote river areas and various activities such as kayaking through calm, shallow stretches and a gourmet banquet on a river sandbank. The longer journey is also inclusive of a full discovery of Luang Prabang at the mid-point of the journey.

It’s fair to say that the boat – which is named after the last Lao king – will be something of a pioneer. But then that’s nothing new for Heritage Line, an operator that is used to charting fresh horizons on Asia’s waterways and doing it in style.

The use of small vessels offers a sense of intimacy unmatched by operators who use bigger boats. This exclusivity, meanwhile, is enhanced by an array of enticing extras. Each of Heritage Line’s boats has been crafted to the very highest specifications, with inimitable décor and outfitting ensuring the ultimate in onboard luxury for guests.

Anouvong stays true to this philosophy. Its design aesthetic combines traditional Lao design with French colonial elegance.

The Deluxe and Deluxe Executive rooms (20sqm) feature French balconies and occupy both the main and upper (terrace) decks, with four rooms on each level. The two Signature Suites are located at the front of the main deck and each boast 30sqm of floor space. Both Signature Suites have their own private balcony as well as a spacious bathroom with Jacuzzi.

The terrace deck is the highlight of the vessel’s public spaces and is also conveniently connected to the comfortable, laid-back and air-conditioned café-bar lounge. From the shaded sun beds, passengers have widescreen views of the passing river landscapes and local life onshore. In Anouvong’s “Bodhi Spa”, treatments for singles and couples are offered throughout the day. The exquisite De-Lagree Dining Hall, meanwhile, offers gourmet dining with local delicacies and international favorites in a venue flanked by expansive panels on both sides.
Anouvong is expected to begin sailings on 29 September 2020. It is now open for bookings over the next few months through any travel agents or directly with Heritage Line. For bookings made before March 31, there is currently a 10% discount on the 3-night journey.

Renowned as one of Asia’s most singular operators, Heritage Line has become legendary among cruise connoisseurs. Its reputation is founded on a range of factors. Whereas many other operators utilize bigger boats, Heritage Line’s collection of distinctive vessels are smaller in scale, ensuring an intimacy that helps to forge bonds, nourish friendships and create unforgettable moments.

Heritage Line Anouvong plots a course along the Mekong River in central and northern Laos

Guests can watch the scenery drift by from the balcony in their exquisite room or suite

Notable excursions include an opportunity to discover Luang Prabang, the beguiling former royal capital of Laos

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