Repup brings new perspective in the Indonesian market

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Repup brings new perspective in the Indonesian market with Reputation management 2.0

Ever since the explosion of internet usage in the past few years, the hotel industry has started to pay more & more attention towards reputation management due to the sheer amount of business the industry generates from online sources. The emerging crowd of smart phone wielding new-age travelers with zero restrictions to leave unlimited reviews on the internet, have made it mandatory for hoteliers to invest in Online Reputation Management. Over the past few years, multiple studies have shown a direct correlation between online reputation and revenue.

A lot of existing players in the market are catering to this solution, but most of them share similar approach towards the problems their customers are currently facing. When enquired about how Repup is doing things differently, this is what their Founder and CEO, Pranjal Prashar had to say

‘’Repup is the only authorized Tripadvisor review collection partner in South-East Asia which makes us a game changer in this field. There are mainly two problems related to Tripadvisor reviews. Firstly, most people do not have a Tripadvisor account and they don’t want to go through the entire process of creating one and write a review there. Secondly, Tripadvisor has made it mandatory to download their app to write a review. This long process often discourages guests to spontaneously write reviews there. Repup’s partnership with Tripadvisor has helped our clients immensely due to our seamless integration with Tripadvisor.

Not only do we provide post-stay review collection but we also help hotels engage with their guests better with our pre-stay, in-stay and marketing solutions specially catered towards enterprise and leisure hotels‘’

When asked about how successful this has been so far, he said

‘’The success rate has been absolutely astonishing with properties increasing their review volumes by upto 95% and more than 80% of them are 5 star reviews. We are confident about replicating this success in the Indonesian Market.’’

Repup is also equipped with other useful features such as review management, reply in one single dashboard, Competitor benchmarking, sentiment analysis, issue resolution & collaboration, robust and competitive reporting included inside their online reputation management tools.

In mid 2017 Repup launched a new product named StayMX. It is a fully personalized and customizable guest experience management tool for their enterprise and luxury segment customers. StayMX is a 360º Guest Experience Management platform that lets hotels communicate with guests, customize their stay according to preferences, and generate more revenue from them.

Due to their wide range of solutions, Repup claims to have highly beneficial solutions for every segment in the hotel industry. A long list of satisfied clients, ranging from luxury hotel chains to stand alone players only bolsters such a claim.

Repup has recently tied up with Marriott's hotel chain Moxy to manage their entire online reputation and help improve the quality of their overall guest experience.

“Digitalisation is changing the hospitality market at an unprecedented rate and those who are reluctant to adapt the new technological advancements that Repup has to offer, will fall behind in the ever increasing competition of the industry” said Pranjal.

Repup is a Gurgaon, India based startup being led by a band of enthusiastic group of energetic individuals. They are a B2B Online Reputation Management company for hotels dedicated to bolster and improve online reputation ratings of their clients. Repup claims that unlike most of the existing players in the market who only focus on providing reports on what they are already doing, they will actually help the clients improve their overall online reputation.

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