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PHM Hospitality’s collection of up to eleven hotels and resorts in Indonesia will have the option of training their employees through mobile learning

Scalable, standardised mobile learning solutions will ensure the same learning curriculum is available to all properties

JAKARTA, May 9, 2017 – Qooco, the leading mobile learning solutions provider for the hospitality industry, will provide mobile learning solutions to PHM Hospitality, one of Indonesia’s largest hospitality and lifestyle groups. The partnership will allow all of PHM Hospitality’s 11 properties (17 by end 2017) to access the mobile learning solutions, providing high-quality English and Mandarin language training to its 880 hotel employees.

PHM Hospitality has a growing portfolio of properties throughout Indonesia, ranging from city hotels to luxury resorts, welcoming guests from all over the world who speak various languages and possess different cultures. As a result, the company have invested in employee training to ensure they are able to continue providing the highest level of service for current and future guests.

“Mobile learning is perfect for a company such as PHM Hospitality which has multiple properties around Indonesia” says David Topolewski, CEO of Qooco, adding “Qooco’s solutions can easily be scaled, so you get the same high-quality, hospitality-focused language training across all hotels, removing the uneven teaching that often results from classroom-based learning. This will result in higher Mandarin and English proficiency among their teams, a vital ability given China’s continued dominance of the global travel market – Chinese tourists spent US$261 billion globally last year – more than any other country[1]. PHM Hospitality are right to equip their employees with Mandarin skills, and the results will be better quality service, higher guest satisfaction and a better bottom line.”

Qooco’s mobile learning platforms that PHM Hospitality will have access to are tailor-made for the hospitality industry, and feature sophisticated speech recognition technology that is able to deliver improved and more consistent results than traditional forms of classroom-based learning. The mobile learning courses are used in over 150 luxury hotels worldwide, and are designed specifically to address the rigorous service and delivery standards expected in high-end hotels, resorts and boutique properties.

PHM Hospitality will leverage two of Qooco’s range of mobile learning solutions: Qooco Core teaches employees the most commonly spoken hospitality phrases used in English and Mandarin Chinese, allowing those new to English and Mandarin to learn the most important phrases that help with their everyday work life. Qooco Voice improves spoken English and Mandarin through interactive and continuous learning based on real life situations in Front Office, Food & Beverage, Kitchen, Housekeeping, Spa & Fitness, Security, Sales & Marketing and Engineering Department.

“We place learning and development at the core of our employee strategy, and seek to ensure all our associates are constantly growing and improving their skillset – vital in today’s fast-moving tourism and hospitality environment” says Bu Nur Enddin Destiyani, Corporate Director of Human Resources at PHM Hospitality, adding “Mobile learning makes a huge amount of sense for this reason. We are able to train our employees in language skills in a standardised manner across all of our properties – from Jakarta to Bali, Bandung to Yogyakarta – ensuring they are able to serve their guests in English or Mandarin to a higher level of quality.”

Qooco Core and Qooco Voice will allow PHM Hospitality employees to learn via their smartphones, anytime, anywhere. Each platform has a dashboard and comprehensive reporting that allows training managers to monitor performance, and provide further guidance when and where necessary. With this real-time data and insights, hotel managers and brand leadership are able to evaluate training on an individual, departmental and property level, making the cross-pollination of talent easier.

The partnership will last two years from May 2017 to May 2019, and will be available for the following properties:
THE HAVEN Bali Seminyak
THE 1O1 Jakarta Sedayu Darmawangsa
THE 1O1 Bandung Dago
THE 1O1 Bogor Suryakancana
THE 1O1 Yogyakarta Tugu
THE 1O1 Palembang Rajawali
THE BnB Jakarta Kelapa Gading
THE BnB Bandung Metro Indah
FRii Bali Echo Beach
Fontana Hotel Bali, a PHM Collection

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