Blue Diamond Almond Breeze in Heritage Thai consumers

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Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Brings a Fresh Beverage  Brand to Heritage Thai consumers

Bangkok – Heritage Group, a Thai leading healthy food and beverage manufacturer is launching Blue Diamond Almond Breeze, #1 almond milk brand worldwide, in Thailand. The delicious, dairy-free alternative to milk is being produced under license from Blue Diamond Growers, an agricultural cooperative based in California, USA that specializes in almonds. Blue Diamond Almond Breeze will be produced locally in Thailand for the Thai market and will be available in several varieties including Original, Unsweetened, Vanilla and Chocolate.

Heritage Group Vice President, Vittavat Phonphaisan is confident that Blue Diamond Almond Breeze will be a success. “Blue Diamond Almonds is a recognized brand in Thailand and especially in today’s market, consumers are interested in quality ingredients and manufacturer they can trust. The Blue Diamond Almonds label is renowned for its almond products and Heritage is proud to be producing Blue Diamond Almond Breeze in Thailand.”

Blue Diamond Almond Breeze is lactose-free and soy-free with no cholesterol, no saturated fats and is low in calories and fat while high in calcium and vitamin E.

Mark Jansen, President and CEO for Blue Diamond Growers believes that Blue Diamond Almond Breeze is a perfect product for the Thai market. “There is a growing interest amongst Thai consumers to follow a specific diet, such as low or no dairy but not compromise on taste. From our market research, we found that Thai people enjoy Almond Breeze’s light, refreshing taste with subtle almond note adds to its appeal not simply as an alternative to dairy but as a delicious drink in its own right.”
For more information, please visit or tel 02-621-6126-7.

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About Heritage Group
Beginning in 1986, Heritage Group expanded the company agricultural processing and packaging for numerous countries around the world. We are dedicated to provide healthy and delicious snacks, food and beverage for everyone to enjoy. Our passion “Healthy Food, Happy Life” is deeply rooted on the belief that if you can take care of yourself, you can take care of others.

Today, Heritage Group as a Thailand’s leading healthy food and beverage manufacturer has grown into a group of 10 different companies, operating in 8 countries and exporting to 60 countries worldwide. Heritage Group is registered internationally and the company is GMP, HACCP, and BRC certified. All products are Halal and Kosher recognized.

Current popular Heritage Group brands include Heritage premium food and beverage; Blue Diamond Almonds; the Sensation range of fine dried fruits and natural juices; premium nut and snack range Nut Walker; Sunkist Pistachios; WonderPuff Popcorn; Francoise Gourmet Cookies, Goldfish Chinese Food Products; First Dragon vermicelli products; and Italian imported mineral water Mangiatorella. More products are in production.

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About Blue Diamond Growers
Blue Diamond Growers, a grower-owned cooperative representing over 3,000 of California’s almond growers, is the world’s largest almond marketer and processor. Established in 1910, it created the California almond industry and opened world markets for almonds. Blue Diamond is dedicated to delivering the benefits of almonds around the world and does so by providing high-quality almonds, almond ingredients and branded products. Headquartered in Sacramento, the company employs more than 1,500 people throughout its processing plants, receiving stations, and gift shops. To learn more about Blue Diamond Growers, visit and follow the company on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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