How to Improve your Hotel TripAdvisor Ranking and Guest Review Score on Google

Hotelier Indonesia - How to Improve your Hotel TripAdvisor Ranking and Guest Review Score on Google

The review score of your hotel is a key driver of your financial success. Guests score you of course on the level of service and product you provide. It is in essence a grade of the experience at your hotel.

There are some easy hotel marketing steps you can take though to improve the guest review score of your hotel. It is a game of putting the %s in your favor. Basically, in general, the more reviews you get, the better you rank.

It's as easy as that.

Below you will find useful tips to get more reviews:

During the Stay:

Interacting with Guests
In conversations and interaction with guests which express that they are having such a good time, ask them for a small favor. Have them share their experiences with other travelers on TripAdvisor.

Wifi Landing Page
When guests use the free Wifi of your hotel, direct them to a landing page asking them for their feedback. Don't do it as a trade-off fir free Wifi. Simply offer good quality free Wifi, it is what travelers expect, and helps you in your overall score.

Notes and signs
Add pamphlets to your elevator signage and message boards. You could even put little cards at the reception, plus I have even seen a hotel put stickers on their guestroom bathroom mirrors.

Free Postcards or Maps
Some hotels are even ass art as providing complimentary postcards of their destination, with a small line of text, mentioning it would be greatly appreciated if they could shade their feedback on TripAdvisor. You could also make a special local area map for your guests ...

At check-out
Have a tablet ready at check-out to ask your happy guests to help with a little bit of digital word of mouth. Also mention it in on the invoice of course.

After the Stay:

Post Stay Emails
Set-up a post stay emailing system asking actively that if they enjoyed their stay to share their experiences with other travelers. Provide a link to your TripAdvisor and Google property profile.

On Social Media
Make sure to add to your hotel’s Facebook page a button for reviews, and also share great reviews on your stream. Thank your guests in a post for sharing their great feedback.

On Site Reviews
Allow reviews on your own website. And if you get a positive review on your own website, request the guest to also share it on TripAdvisor or Google.

Add a section here as well to request feedback. A button is easily integrated.

And don’t forget a great overall experience is what drives this. So make sure you provide amazing guest service, and be original and authentic. Your guests are looking for something special.

Create a DNA in your hotel that evolves around proactively getting guest feedback, and gratitude for sharing stories.

And your review score and ranking on websites like TripAdvisor and Google will go up for sure.

Hope you enjoyed this article!

Patrick Landman @ Xotels

pic courtesy marriot

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