Sufyan Fazly, A young 5-star hotel F&B staffer, rising in the international market.

Sufyan Fazly, A young 5-star hotel F&B staffer, rising in the international market.

In our international travels, we run across exceptional hospitality professionals who are at various stages of their career. Some are highly experienced with decades of experience, others, like Sufyan Fazly are in the early years of a very promising career.

[HI] When and where did you start working in restaurants?

[Sufyan] I was fortunate to start my hospitality career at a the Hotel Tropaz in Sri Lanka in 2002, and later in 2003 in a five-star deluxe hotel, the Beach Rotana Hotel & Towers in Abu-­Dhabi. This was in 2003-2004 where I started at the lower levels, working as a kitchen helper at their all-day dining restaurant. Having experienced an international property at this level helps build an appreciation for every team member regardless of their position.

[HI] Could you tell us a bit about your start, what got you started in this career?

[Sufyan] From an early age I was able to observe cooking in an institutional setting. I appreciated the different cooking styles they used, and really loved the smell of the food they were preparing. It was because of this that I had an interest in cooking and food preparation and decided to attend the Swiss Lanka Hotel School in Sri Lanka.

[HI] Where are you working now, and what is your position? What are your responsibilities?

[Sufyan] I am currently the Chef de Party at the Moevenpick Hotel Jumeirah Lake Towers in Dubai. Responsibilities include: a) following-up on all ordered items, b) supporting and assisting the Chef De Cuisine in the oversight of their new Urban Bar in Dubai, and c) training and scheduling on benefits for the employees and organization.

[HI] Your positions have taken you to a few other countries. Which properties have you worked at, and in what countries?

[Sufyan] I have been fortunate to work in Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and the Maldives. Some of the properties include:

* Hotel Topaz Sri Lanka, 2002 - ­2003​ ( 4* Deluxe Hotel)

* Beach Rotana Hotel & Towers Abu­ Dhabi, 2003 - ­2004 ​( 5* Deluxe Hotel).

* Holiday Inn Downtown Kuwait, 2006 -­ 2007​( 5* Deluxe Hotel) Opening team.

* Global Towers Hotel Sri Lanka, 2007 - ­2009 ​( 5* Deluxe Hotel).

* Island Taste Restaurant Maldives, 2009 - ­2010

* One & Only Reethirah Resort Maldives, 2010 - ­2012 ​(5* Luxury Resort)

* Niyama Resorts Maldives, 2012 - ­2013 (​5* Luxury Resorts)

* Currently working with Movenpick Hotel, JLT(Dubai)

[HI] Many of your positions seem to be at 5-star hotels. Is this a preferred choice for you?

[Sufyan] I do prefer to work at 5-star hotels due to the higher standard in quality of food and preparation. I have been given the opportunity to create my own dishes and new presentation within these upscale environments. The 5-star properties give me a greater challenge that I happily take-on.

[HI] What achievements are you proud of?

[Sufyan] I am pleased with the opportunities each property gives to me, and my ability to achieve the goals that are set for me. Continuing promotions are satisfying, but the ability to be of service to my employer and the customer are the achievements I’m most proud of.

[HI] What positions and locations would you like to advance into in the coming years?

[Sufyan] I look forward to progressing into positions as a Junior Sous Chef or Chef de Party. I would welcome a chance to work in Europe, Canada or USA.

[HI] As a young, but well travelled chef, what advice would you give to others just starting in the industry?

[Sufyan] I would like to say it is important to work from the heart, as it will help build a positive attitude and gives you a heightened level of confidence. Our guest will notice and will be satisfied they’re the first priority.

Hotelier Indonesia would like to thank Sufyan Fazly for his time spent with us. He may be contacted at:
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