Glass Design: True Artistry in Basins

4th December 2014, Singapore: Basins have entered a new era of innovation, a renaissance of beauty. Artisans and glassmakers, titles passed down from generation to generation are taking their place in the bathroom industry to create new style masterpieces which are true for Glass Design- Italy, a company so unlike anything consumers have ever seen. Glass Design was founded in 1984 in Vinci (the heart of Tuscany), the native town of Leonardo da Vinci; the founding family having roots in following a long tradition of manufacturing artistic glass.

Within the company’s production chain are over 200 Tuscan artisans and 15 glass makers of Murano work, enabling the customization of each product to suit individual needs and specific requirements in order to create unique and exclusive products.

What makes Glass Design’s products unique are their proficient understanding and applications of materials; in fact the company does not believe in using ceramics. Instead, the most amazing basins are created by using materials such as: glass pigments, polymers, resins, aluminium alloys, Murano glass, Florence glass, pure crystals, stainless steel and in a bendable series, silicone.

Most basins have the combination of two aforementioned core materials, allowing for a vast array of truly inspired designs. Each basin is entirely unique and a work of art, which effortlessly enhances any bathroom space, while expressing the user’s individualism.
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