Green products are environmentally friendly, safe and sustainable

Green products are environmentally friendly, safe and sustainable. Green Solutions is dedicated towards a global mission of making the world a greener, safer and sustainable environment.

GreenWare™ and GreenBag™ have been proven to be resource-efficient and economically prudent for individuals and corporations. They are guaranteed to be of high quality, functionality and reliability.

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We as a society are now more conscious of the impact of our actions and inactions on our environment. We are more mindful of the efforts required of us, as an individual or collectively, to protect our environment and to make it a greener, safer & sustainable place for our current and future generations.

Green Solutions aims to support environmentally conscious & responsible businesses and individuals in their mission in reducing carbon footprint and in making the environment greener. Green Solutions is committed to a promise to deliver quality, reliable, economical, and ecologically safe & friendly products.

Our products are made of biologically based, environmentally friendly and renewable resources such as cornstarch, PLA (polyactic acid), PBSm, PHBV, PCL and modified tapioca.

There's no better time to start adopting greener practices than now. Be part of the global ambition to cut carbon emission in exchange for a greener, safer & sustainable environment.

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