Hollywood & the Celebrity elite collaborates with MAGNETIC Real Estate

Hollywood & the Celebrity elite collaborates with MAGNETIC Real Estate to ‘get bums back on seats’ and revolutionize Branded Real Estate and Franchised Retail, Globally:

Founded by TREDIC Corporation; MAGNETIC Real Estate in partnership with the world’s leading Entertainment & Artist Management Agencies announces an unprecedented collaboration to bring disruptive, technology driven, next generation Branded Real Estate and Franchised Retail concepts to its vast Fanbase and Followers Worldwide.

Supported by an unparalleled network representing top-tier Sports Stars, Musicians, Bands, DJs, Actors, Consumer Brands, and Sports Franchises;MAGNETIC are pioneering a fusion of Branded Real Estate and Franchised Retail Systems with Pop Culture, Technology, and Entertainment to become the world’s leading provider and operator of experiential driven Branded Real Estate solutions for Property Owners, Developers, Asset Managers, Institutions and Investors.

Executed through refined replicable business models under management contracts, franchising of pop-culture infused Branded Real Estate concepts, as well as developing an ongoing and healthy stream of emerging concepts which specifically target the tech savvy, experience driven and upwardly mobile Millennial, Generation Z and future demographics, the potential for this market is already enormous, unfulfilled and is growing significantly.

Focusing on multisector asset classes, including Hospitality, Co-Living / Live+Work+Play, Student Accommodation, Multi-Family, Serviced Apartments, the private Rental Sector Co-Working, Food & Beverage, experiential Entertainment and Leisure;MAGNETIC’s business models have been developed along traditional operating models such as those found in the Hotel and Hospitality Industry and have been carefully crafted to:

1. Tap into the burgeoning ‘experience economy’.
2. Disrupt the existing and often stale existing Brand market offering.
3. Tap into pop culture, Celebrity endorsement and intensive social media marketing, leveraging the power of Fan loyalty.
4. Offer Clients & Building Owners something completely new and innovative.
5. Fulfil the inevitable post Coronavirus void in the Retail and Office commercial asset classes.
6. Be designed to grow and scale quickly following initial administrative set up.

TREDIC Corporations Chairman Jason Harris Stated:

“Trends and attitudes towards Real Estate are changing at a faster pace today, than at any point in history, and this is leading to considerable amounts of empty space that is not yielding revenue for building owners, including within our own portfolio.

As a result of COVID, technological disruption and cultural changes, especially within the ‘Millennial’ and ‘Generation Z’ demographics;developers, asset managers, private equity firms, family offices, UHNW’s and speculators find themselves needing to innovate in order to keep pace with change and secure the future tenancy base for their assets, be it retail, office, commercial, residential, food & beverage, leisure and entertainment and so on.

The purpose of our business is to address these challenges and provide new and innovative solutions for building owners. The strategy is to not only provide new forms of real estate such as Branded live-work-play across primary sectors;but to also bring established Brands into Real Estate and to create new brands for new & emerging asset classes.

It also about capturing the world of Celebrity & ‘influencer’ endorsement, and accessing billions of followers through their online social media platforms in order to market, lease and in select cases sell Real Estate for premiums”.

In support, Co-Founder Mark B. Coleman Stated:

“This groundbreaking collaboration harnesses HOLLYWOOD’S influence over vast Fanbases to drive demand for pop-culture infused, tech integrated Celebrity and Major Consumer Branded Real Estate, Franchised Retail Concepts, and associated Entertainment.

As Master Franchisor, MAGNETIC invites projects from established Real Estate Investors, Developers, Asset Managers, and Building Owners interested in tapping into the power of Fanbase driven Branded Real Estate and Lifestyle.

It’s a game changing solution for empty Real Estate and getting much needed bums back on seats!”.

Magnetic are now targeting both Real Estate Owners and Developers across key gateway cities around the world, providing multiple solutions, including:

1. Branding & Marketing. Celebrities and major Consumer Brands, along with Marketing to vast Fan bases.
2. Brand-led Design + FF&E procurement + Fit-Out (3rd party providers).
3. Project & Development Management.
4. Branded Entertainment and prospective Commercial Tenants (Branded Franchised Concepts).
5. Franchise & Licensing platform (Operator).

Interested parties are welcome to contact Magnetic:

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