Celebrate The Launch Of Summer With ‘byrd Calypso’ At Byrd House Bali

Bali, Indonesia - This summer, Byrd House Bali invites you to embrace the vibrant spirit of the Caribbean with the debut of its annual summer event, ‘Byrd Calypso’. Set to take place on May 18th from 5 PM to 8 PM, this enchanting evening will mark the season's opening in a spectacular fashion, blending the essence of Trinidad and Tobago carnival with Bali’s iconic tropical backdrop.

Celebrate The Launch Of Summer With ‘byrd Calypso’ At Byrd House Bali
Celebrate The Launch Of Summer With ‘byrd Calypso’ At Byrd House Bali

Get set for a blast of color and sound like no other! The inaugural Byrd Calypso party plans to flood your senses, leading you straight into euphoria's embrace, where festivities never end. Think of a spot where amazing meals are just part of the allure. That's Byrd House Bali for you—transforming effortlessly into a Caribbean escape dripping with juicy fruits, eye-catching floral displays, and lively plumes to kick off nights full of festivity like nowhere else.

As guests step into this tropical oasis, they will be greeted with a welcome cocktail, uniquely presented in custom bottles that capture the essence of the Caribbean. The party keeps buzzing as we pass around fruit soaked in alcohol, making sure every moment feels like a tropical getaway.

Byrd Calypso promises performances that are bound not just to entertain but thoroughly mesmerize. Imagine yourself swaying to the rhythmic steps of salsa and rumba dancers, who will not only perform but also warmly invite you to join in and learn a few moves. The moment twilight takes over, it's time for some spellbinding entertainment. Fire dancers will leap into action, drawing beautiful designs in the air with flames that make everything feel just a tad more magical. The air will be charged with energy as the DJ lays down tracks that keep the tempo upbeat and the dance floor buzzing. And then there are the flair bartenders—showing off their skills takes making cocktails from routine to pure entertainment.

In collaboration with six esteemed tequila and four premier rum brands, Byrd House Bali offers a unique cocktail experience where guest mixologists unveil their carnival-inspired concoctions. These signature drinks are not just cocktails but a passport to the flavors of the Caribbean, available to all guests as part of the 300K IDR ticket, which includes unlimited access to these creative libations.

Embracing the full spirit of the Caribbean, guests are encouraged to dress in colorful resort wear, accented with festive headpieces of flowers, fruits, or feathers, enhancing the immersive experience of the Calypso theme.

Join us at Byrd House Bali for ‘Byrd Calypso’ and kick off your summer with a blast of carnival excitement, setting the tone for a season filled with beauty, rhythm, and vibrant festivity.

For more information, please reach out to Byrd House Bali using the contact details provided below or visit our website.

Byrd House Bali
Jl. Segara Ayu, Sanur-Bali
Phone: +62 851-7966-7935

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