TAIPEI, July 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —¬†Innodisk, a leading global provider of industrial flash and memory solutions, announces its industrial-grade 112-Layer 3D TLC SSDs along with the world’s highest capacity up to 8TB. The 112-layer SSDs introduces a complete product line including the SATA 3TG6-P and 3TE7 series, as well as the PCIe Gen3x4 and Gen4x4 series.

innodisk releases the world’s first industrial-grade 112 layer 3D TLC Flash series. CC Wu, the president of the industrial Flash division says ” The market changes drastically this year, and we need to act more quickly.” He added, “Innodisk has started algorithm development and firmware optimization last year and has taken the lead in launching the most complete 112 layer product line. We are optimistic about future demand, and the new product line will definitely indicate the annual growth.”


The new TLC SSD Series marks Innodisk’s continued development with 3D NAND design, bringing better efficiency, faster performance, and increased capacity. Compared to the previous 96-layer technology that offered a maximum of 2TB storage, the new 112-layer PCIe Gen 4×4 series increase the capacity to 8TB for U.2 SSD, which is the highest in the industry, while increased the capacity to 4TB for M.2 (P80). Beyond capacity increases, 112-layer is also faster, with the PCIe Gen 4×4 series clocking in at speeds up to 7500/6700 MB/s (8CH) and 3800/3000 MB/s (4CH). The marked increase in performance meets the growing needs of AIoT applications and industries in 5G, edge computing, deep learning, smart surveillance and smart medical where speed and higher capacity support are critical.

The new 112-Layer 3D TLC SSD series also boasts other vital improvements to fit industrial and IoT market demand. Reliability is paramount, so a two-pronged approach of ECC correction by LDPC within a page and RAID between blocks provides a double layer of protection for greater data security. Consistent and stable linear performance is implemented through a direct write mode that reduces performance drops and WAF. Innodisk’s 112-layer series also features better endurance, greater data security with built-in iDataGuard and iPowerGuard, enhancing compatibility and protection in critical power environments and ensuring sudden power loss data integrity.

Innodisk estimates mass production of 112-Layer 3D TLC series in Q3 2021 to worldwide customers. With Innodisk’s commitment to product longevity, long-term supply, and product support, we help guarantee long-haul viability to customers seeking the best in SSD solutions.

Industrial 96L and 112L 3D TLC SSD series

PCIe Gen3x4 96L 3D TLC

PCIe Gen4x4 112L 3D TLC


NVMe 1.3

NVMe 1.4


Up to 2TB

Up to 8TB (U.2)

Up to 4TB (M.2 P80)


3500/2900 MB/s (8CH)

7500/6700 MB/s (8CH)

2000/1700 MB/s (4CH)

3800/3000 MB/s (4CH)

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