JAKARTA, Indonesia, May 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Lacak.io, an Indonesian Internet of Things (IoT) startup, is advancing its offerings to address abnormalities in multi-sector businesses while reducing ineffective manual monitoring and data collection.

Lacak.io implement abnormalities monitoring system in car distribution trucking company

Fariz Iskandar, Founder and CEO of Lacak.io, said, “As an Industry 4.0 technology, our fleet and field service management IoT solutions serve to increase productivity and efficiency in daily operations. Hence, our customers can concentrate on growing their businesses.”

Lacak.io’s solutions are now enhanced with IoT tracking solutions and customisable dashboards that quickly alert customers to any abnormalities, such as certain deliveries taking longer than expected, or a local government receiving more than the usual amount of pothole complaints.

Lacak.io’s IoT services tap into a rich variety of data sources, backed by its sensors such as driver status monitors, axle load sensors, GPS trackers, fuel tapping sensors, and ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems).

“The key to building insights is having dependable baseline data. This year, that may differ from historical data as businesses and individuals take to the road more often after emerging from a year of lockdown. This affects traffic data, delivery orders, and even wear-and-tear on fleets and assets.

Our large data sets from over 3,000 connected vehicles enables us to set operational parameters specific to sectors, so companies can respond quickly to automated alerts whenever abnormalities are detected,” Fariz said.

Lacak.io dashboards and alert systems can be visualised on different output formats, be it web-based, email, Telegram messaging or even a company’s in-house ticketing system.

With Indonesia’s national economic expected to recover this year, Lacak.io is ramping up its growth plans via collaborations with trucking and rental associations, and eyes a 20,000-strong connected fleet by end-2021.

“We are working with Transporta.id, a startup on transportation management system, to help SME truckers maximise operation speeds, truck space, and profitability via a centralised cloud platform,” said Fariz.

Lacak.io serves over 100 enterprise and SME logistics companies, resulting in over 3,000 vehicles connected to the centralised Lacak.io cloud.

In 2022, Lacak.io will begin fundraising activities to fund expansion into other Southeast Asian markets such as Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand.

About Lacak.io:

Founded in 2016, Lacak.io is an Indonesian-based tech startup. It helps various business fields with an enterprise-ready IoT platform focusing on real-time tracking, IoT solutions, and field worker management.