BEIJING, May 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — CRRC Corporation Limited (“CRRC”, 1766.HK), one of the world’s largest rail transportation equipment companies, has launched its #SocialResponsibility campaign on Facebook. Over the past month, it has shared 20 stories on its environmental protection, poverty alleviation, and anti-pandemic efforts, as well as how it has joined hands with partners along the industrial chain to resume work and production, in accordance with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

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Protecting the Environment

Water-based coatings: CRRC is advocating the application of water-based coatings in subway construction. Non-toxic with no irritating odors, they do not cause any environmental pollution and are harmless to humans.
New energies: CRRC is fully upgrading the frame of its vehicles, thereby reducing overall weight by over 800kg. Moreover, it has adjusted the electromagnetic driving system, boosting efficiency and reducing energy consumption – for which CRRC won a Best Energy Conservation Award.
21st China Environmental Expo: With a multimedia booth that included videos, an exhibit, and an innovative cloud display system, CRRC showcased its regional environmental governance, industrial energy conservation, purification, and other technologies in 2020.
Eco-friendly materials: CRRC debuted a new fiber-reinforced composite flooring at the end of 2020, to be used in railway flatcars. Not only does it save natural resources, but it also improves safety by eliminating fires caused by wooden floors.

CRRC Adjusted the Electromagnetic Driving System, Boosting Efficiency and Reducing Energy Consumption.

Tackling Poverty and Boosting Education

Creative marketplace: In June 2020, CRRC launched a marketplace, enabling rural business owners in Hubei province, China to sell their primarily agricultural products. This initiative attracted many public participants, while employees also provided generous donations.
Targeted donations: In 2020, CRRC invested RMB 525,100 in farming, infrastructure, and student scholarship initiatives, supporting 182 families and 21 students.
CRRC Global Open Day market: In 2020, CRRC held a cultural and creative market with a charity sale, with proceeds helping students acquire essential school supplies.
Shibadong Village tour and workshop: CRRC organized a tour for visitors to learn about the development process of subway trains in 2020. Moreover, Miao ethnic minority embroidery produced as part of a poverty alleviation initiative dating back to 2018 were put into use during business exchanges and activities.

CRRC Assisted in the Construction of a Workshop for Miao Embroidery in Shibadong Village as Part of a Poverty Alleviation Initiative.

Fighting the Pandemic

Essential delivery to Wuhan: When the outbreak occurred in Wuhan, CRRC immediately delivered more than 700 parts and accessories for the city’s negative pressure ambulances, which are critical in reducing cross-infection during patient transfers. CRRC’s cold supply chain also ensured that residents received access to resources and supplies.
Mask distribution in Nanjing: CRRC distributed 930,000 masks in just two days, at a time when resources were scant.
Critical donations: CRRC donated cash and supplies totaling RMB 42 million, including medical supplies, food, and 1,200 hospital beds.

CRRC Donates Supplies and Resources Used to Fight the Pandemic to Japan, Malaysia, Ukraine, Germany and Many More.

Resuming Work and Production

Fuxing train: In March 2020, CRRC’s Fuxing train, which can reach speed up to 350 km/h, rolled off the assembly line, despite the pandemic.
International deliveries: CRRC exported its third batch of GWA vehicles to Australia, locomotives to Nigeria, and its second batch of EMUs to Angola in spring 2020, right on schedule. Despite the pandemic, projects were successfully delivered on time.

CRRC Sent off the Third Batch of GWA Vehicles to Australia as Part of a Total of 338 Coal Hopper Cars Delivery in a Year.


CRRC Overcame Various Challenges to Ensure the Export of Locomotives to Nigeria Was on Schedule.

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About CRRC

CRRC (CRRC Corporation Limited) is one of the world’s largest rail transportation equipment companies, with an annual revenue of RMB 227.66 billion in 2020. It has provided products and services to more than 100 countries and regions, and has established 15 international R&D centers. CRRC has set up local manufacturing bases in the US, Australia, South Africa, Malaysia, Turkey, and India, among other countries. As of 2020, CRRC ranked 361st  among the Fortune Global 500 companies.