BERLIN, May 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Blinkist, the ideas app that inspires people to learn and grow is collaborating with Apple later this month to make Blinkist’s innovative new format Shortcasts available through Apple Podcast Subscriptions.

Shortcasts by Blinkist is a brand new audio format and a game-changer in the world of podcasting. According to Edison Research, 26% of US podcast listeners increase the speed of their podcasts as they listen so they can finish quicker. Enter Shortcasts; this short-form podcast format provides fresh, bite-sized versions of industry-leading podcasts in around 15 minutes. Produced in tandem with top podcasters, Shortcasts are perfect for curious podcast lovers who want to quickly discover new ideas and learn new things, but don’t have the time. Shortcasts defeat the feeling of FOMO given that there are so many great podcasts to choose from, but not enough time to listen to them all.

Up until now Shortcasts have only been available via the Blinkist app, but when Apple launches its new platform worldwide later this month, a selection of the catalogue will be available on the “Shortcasts by Blinkist” Channel on Apple Podcasts. This channel will launch with 12 different Shortcasts, spanning a variety of themes. Listeners can learn about productivity from Erik Fisher in the Shortcast to “Beyond the To-Do List”, get to grips with emotional wellbeing and mental health with Natalie Lue’s in the Shortcast to “The Baggage Reclaim Sessions”, understand goal-setting and creative entrepreneurship with Emily Thompson’s Shortcast to “Being Boss”, get healing nutritional advice from Dr. Rupy Aujla in the Shortcast to “The Doctor’s Kitchen,” and much more.

“Our new format has created a real buzz globally with top podcasters. These addictive 15-minute, knowledge-rich listens are the perfect doorway into discovering the world of podcasts, without the overwhelm. I’m thrilled that we are now bringing Shortcasts to Apple Podcasts; combining an innovative new format with such an exciting new platform,” says Rachel Mallender, VP of Content at Blinkist.

Listeners can sample Shortcasts through a 3-day free trial to the channel before subscribing for $4.99 per month. The Shortcasts by Blinkist channel will be refreshed every day so subscribers can consistently listen to and learn from new episodes. With bite-sized tasters of top-rated podcasts, the Shortcasts by Blinkist channel offers a wide range of choice to its channel subscribers–this makes the subscription offer particularly tempting as subscribers get lots of valuable content on a multitude of topics.

Having innovated two exclusive 15-minute audio formats—Shortcasts and Blinks (key takeaways from nonfiction books)—Blinkist is one of the App Store’s most successful premium audio content services with over 18 million downloads worldwide. This strong track record of producing valuable audio content for subscribers will be an asset as the Blinkist team launches Shortcasts on Apple Podcasts Subscriptions. With over eight years of experience in the space, they know how to design an audio experience that is punchy, engaging, and that offers clear value that people are willing to pay for. This sets Shortcasts by Blinkist apart from other podcast creators who are venturing into the world of audio content subscriptions for the first time.

“Blinkist is all about inspiring listeners around the world to learn and grow by connecting them to big ideas from talented creators. Apple Podcasts Subscriptions supports that mission wholeheartedly and provides yet another powerful opportunity for creators to increase the reach and revenue for their work,” says Holger Seim, CEO and co-founder of Blinkist.


Blinkist is a Berlin-based ideas app on a mission to inspire people to learn and grow. The company launched in 2012 with a ground-breaking service: providing key insights from nonfiction books in a matter of minutes. They have expanded to also offer key insights from podcasts with their latest format innovation, Shortcasts. With over 18 million downloads worldwide, Blinkist is a category leader when it comes to making big ideas easily accessible via bitesized audio to an audience of curious people. Blinkist has been named by Apple as “Best of the App Store,” and won a Google Design Award. The Blinkist app is accessible across all iOS and Android mobile devices.

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