GUANGZHOU, China, May 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — On May 20, Infinitus (China) Company Ltd. organized the 3rd 5.20 Infinitus Social Responsibility Day with the theme of “Promoting Chinese Culture of Health Maintenance, Supporting the Healthy China Initiative” at the company’s production base in Xinhui, a prefecture-level district in Guangdong province.

Participants call for attention to health at the event

Promoting the Chinese culture of health maintenance by leveraging the benefits of traditional Chinese medicine

At the event, She Jing, former Vice Minister of Health and former Director of the National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said, “The 5.20 event demonstrates Infinitus’ confidence in the culture of traditional Chinese medicine (“TCM”) and the company’s ongoing commitment to corporate social responsibilities.”

Huang Jianlong, Managing Director of Infinitus (China), commented, “Industry players can help develop easy-to-understand and modern health concepts based on the culture of TCM, and further bolster public interest and awareness of the Chinese traditions in health.”

Zhou Bangyong, Deputy President of the Council of China Health Care Association, added, “Industry leaders and practitioners should take it as their mission and responsibility to address the increasing expectation for better health and quality of life.”

At the end of the event, Mr. Huang and participants read out the Initiative for Promoting Chinese Culture of Health Maintenance.

Supporting the Healthy China Initiative by meeting the health needs of public

With years of experience and accumulated expertise in herbal health products, Infinitus continues to organize various events in a move to popularize the science of TCM. The company’s production base in Xinhui has been open to the public since 2005 and were named one of the national educational bases of advocating the culture of TCM. During the period of 2018 to 2020, the Xinhui production base welcomed over 699,500 visitors offline. This time, the participants of this event also take a visit to the base and learn the stories behind the Chinese culture of health maintenance. The event also invited the participants take an online tour to the Morinda officinalis plantations of Infinitus in Yunan, Guangdong province. The growers shared information about science-based herbal medicine cultivation. Since 2016, Infinitus has been working with its sister company Tianfangjian (China) Pharmacy Company Ltd., another member of LKK Health Products Group, to establish over 120 plantations for more than 70 Chinese herbal medicine varieties, including M. officinalis, shiitake and Ganoderma lucidum, with the support of local growers. These plantations helped create over 450 jobs and generated an income of 1,100-2,000 yuan per mu (equal to 667 square meters). The township, home to the M. officinalis plantations, has become professionalization of industrializing this herb. With the unique combination of producers and growers, Infinitus continues to contribute to TCM’s modernization.

On May 20, a special day that stands for “I Love You” in China, Infinitus organizes the annual 5.20 Infinitus Social Responsibility Day event in order to call for expanding the concept of love from individuals to community which means giving back to society. This year, Infinitus has held the event with compelling and entertaining manners, hoping to rise the public awareness of health and understanding of TCM.