Giving Indonesian Revenue Management a New Voice

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Giving Indonesian Revenue Management a New Voice

Written by: Tracy Dong, Lead Advisor, APAC, IDeaS Revenue Solutions
As technology in business advances, people expect more than easy access to content; they want to experience it, touch it and interact with it in their daily routine. To fully engage staff and ensure they can access, interpret and present key operational data in their roles, Indonesian based hotels must offer a more immersive and seamless experience where data visualisation converges with function to maximise adoption.

Ten years ago, a company without a website was considered a dinosaur. A few years ago, mobile apps became essential for survival. Today, on-demand, dynamic content and automated experiences are becoming the norm for what it takes to stay relevant in the market. The more relevant data an Indonesian hotel can expose to its staff on their everyday technology, the more likely they are to consume and apply it.

Even though many local hotels have adopted cloud technology, data still remains disparate, the challenge remains around how staff can access the right data at the exact moment of need. Voice interaction technology, like Alexa or Google Assistant, makes that possible. Voice search or voice commands have proliferated since the advent of Siri on Apple’s iOS, while Amazon, Google and others have only expanded that reach with smart speakers.

Opportunities for integrating revenue management data with voice-enabled digital assistants will be here in the future. Owners and general managers across the country will no longer need logins to a system they access once a month, nor do they need training to view hotel performance within the software. Instead, they can communicate with a voice-controlled assistant sitting on their desk and never have to remember a rarely-used password again.

Even internal meetings become more efficient and productive. Hotels no longer need to run standard reports for daily meetings. They can literally ask their technology to recite that information to them at each meeting. A voice-enabled assistants can save employees time and resources while still providing key performance metrics whenever called upon. It’s your personalised, on-command data assistant with immediate access to historical, future and market data.

Voice-enabled digital assistants are simply responses to input, with pre-determined results. All the major devices on the market have made it possible to integrate with their systems for business application as well as personal use.

How you manage and expose your data will dictate how simply you can work with this new technology. If your hotel operational information is in a structured, easily-accessible system, you’ll find providing it to a voice-enabled system less difficult. This means how you currently manage your data is crucial and key to the whole process.

Because a revenue management system typically stores hotel performance data that can be compared against the previous year, forecast and budget, it also provides unparalleled insight for financial stakeholders like controllers and finance officers. They no longer need to seek out someone with system access or learn to generate a report themselves. Simple voice commands allow them to obtain the comparative data they need to assess performance in real time.

Automated revenue technology paired with a voice-enabled interface may modify the rules for user experience design, but it totally changes the game for hotel revenue strategy. Security and user configurations allow administrative users to enable the appropriate data-access permissions for each job function that then applies to any device. Data that once had limited access can now be made available to all appropriate teams and roles without having to train and educate each individual because they will interface through technology already used in their daily lives.

Of course, Indonesian revenue strategy leaders stand to benefit as much as anyone else. Not only does this technology make them more efficient in their responsibilities, it also empowers their colleagues and departments to access the data they need, when they need it. It helps promote revenue awareness across an organisation by the simple fact that the information is so easily accessible by all.

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