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Indonesia Hotel Performance Highlights 2017

In conjunction with Visit Wonderful Indonesia 2018 (ViWI18), STR is proud to partner with the Indonesian Hotel & Restaurant Association (PHRI) on performance benchmarking for the country’s hotels. This partnership will guide the Indonesia hotel industry to new heights through comprehensive and accurate performance data that helps hoteliers make better business decisions.

With new destinations in the spotlight across Indonesia, and with increasing competition within the hotel industry, it is more important than ever for hotel industry stakeholders to have access to a comprehensive report on the health of the industry.

STR’s resume includes more than three decades of service to the hotel industry as well as the world’s largest hotel performance sample, which comprises nearly 59,000 hotels and 8.0 million hotel rooms.

As a sample of our data benchmarking capabilities, we are pleased to present 2017 hotel performance highlights for Indonesia. According to Indonesian Ministry of Tourism, Indonesia welcomed more than 14 million international visitors in 2017, which was a 21.9% increase compared with 2016. This was reflected in hotel performance as demand grew significantly (+6.2%) and surpassed the country’s supply growth for the year (+3.3%).

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