Forgotten Cuts, On-the-Bone

Hotelier Indonesia Forgotten Cuts, On-the-Bone and Italian Fassone Beef: Wooloomooloo F orget me not as summer turns to fall! With a comfort...

Hotelier Indonesia

Forgotten Cuts, On-the-Bone and Italian Fassone Beef: Wooloomooloo

Forget me not as summer turns to fall! With a comforting, quality dining experience inspired by Australia’s laid back vibe, Wooloomooloo Group proudly marks its 12th anniversary with A Cut Above, a themed monthly celebration of fine beef from around the world. Staged at Wooloomooloo Prime, the elevated edition of this popular steakhouse – we highlight Forgotten Cuts from head to tail in July, beef On the Bone in August, and Italy’s prized Fassone Beef in September. Enjoy a fascinating journey that uncovers the best kept secrets behind underappreciated cuts of beef.

July – Remembering Forgotten Cuts

There’s far more to beef than sirloins, rib eyes and filets. Celebrating beef from head to tail, July is the perfect time to remember forgotten cuts at Wooloomooloo Prime! We start at the top with our 8-Hour Braised Wagyu Beef Cheek, turning one of the cow’s hardest working muscles into a supremely succulent and flavourful cut. Fork-tender from 8-hours of Shiraz braising, the beef cheek is served with black truffle mashed potatoes and available as a starter ($188) or a main course ($368). On to the body, with the highly prized Australian Black Angus Oyster Blade ($380 for 12oz, $505 for 16oz). It may not be the tenderest of cuts, but the oyster blade is renowned for its deep, robust flavour that rivals any other cut around.

Marinated in herbs and olive oil, it’s grilled and sliced “tagliata” style with rocket, tomatoes and red onions. On to the tail end with the Free Range Dry-Aged Picanha ($460 for 14oz), a top muscle of the rump that is beloved in South America, where flavour comes first. Served sliced with a side of beautiful chimichurri. And finally, burger fans will be delighted with the Prime Wagyu Burger ($380), using top-grade marbled chuck from the same 350-day grain-fed Wagyu as Prime’s legendary Tomahawks. Served in a toasted brioche bun with smoked back bacon, mature English cheddar, truffle mayo and a side of herbed and aged Parmesan fries.

July’s Wines of the Month come from the family-owned winery of Bodega Luigi Bosca, boasting 116 years of winemaking experience in the legendary Argentine region of Mendoza. The Luigi Bosca Chardonnay 2016 is a young, excellent oak-aged Chardonnay that breathes old world style with vibrant fruity notes. 

The Luigi Bosca Single Vineyard DOC Malbec 2014 is decadently spiced with dark chocolate notes and roasted plum combining for a truly delightful Malbec. The Gin of the Month is Eden Mill Hop Gin, handcrafted in St. Andrews, Scotland by one of the world’s finest distilleries. 

Perfect in a gin and tonic or in Prime’s Eden Mill Smokey Martini. July’s 12-Year-Old Whisky of the Month is the Balvenie Doublewood 12 years, a classic after-dinner malt with great complexity and richness from a second maturation in fresh sherry casks.

August – The Flavourful World of Bone-In Cuts

Beyond spectacular presentation, bone-in cuts carry exceptional flavour the closer you get to the bone. August is an On-the-Bone showcase, including the Slow-Braised Mid Ribs ($188 for starter, $368 for main course) with meatier qualities than the more common short ribs. Served with black truffle mashed potatoes, this dish is also available for lunch throughout August.

The Bone-In Tenderloin ($598 for 14oz) is a unique cut exclusively created for Prime by John Stone, one of the top farms in the world that brings quality from its free range grass-fed cattle. On to the big boys, led by the world-famous dry-aged John Stone Porterhouse ($1,588 for 32oz, for 2-3) which combines the irresistible tenderness of filet with the robust flavour of sirloin.

Speaking of which, the Prime-exclusive dry-aged Organic Bone-In Sirloin ($1,398 for 36oz, for 2-3) is a steakhouse dream, with an extra thick cut from the acclaimed organic Rhug Estate in Wales. And finally, the star of the show: Welcome to the 250-day grain-fed Gold Label Black Angus Tomahawk ($1,888 for 62oz, for 3 or more), a mammoth award-winning cut from the world-famous Stockyard in Queensland, Australia.

August’s Wines of the Month hails from Bodegas Muga, an exceptional winery in La Rioja, Spain’s most famous wine region. The Muga Rioja Blanco 2016 is a classic Rioja Blanc blend of handpicked grapes, a fresh young wine with citrus and green apple notes with mild spice and toast. The Muga Rioja Rosado 2016 is one of the best Rioja roses around, with stunning orange pink shades and lychee, white peach and apricot flavours. The Muga Rioja Reserva 2013 is a Tempranillo-based grape blend with great complexity and balance in a fruit-driven wine.

The Gin of the Month is the Bombay Sapphire East, a world-class gin maker that needs little introduction. The “East” carries an Asian twist with Thai lemongrass and Vietnamese black peppercorn, perfect for an exciting new gin and tonic or in our spiced Eastern Martini. The 12-Year-Old Whisky of the Month is the Glenlivet Excellence 12 year old Single Malt, a rousing centrepiece in the Excellence Old Fashionedcocktail with brown raw cane sugar, Angostura bitters, orange zest and orange ice.

September – Fassone Beef from Italy

Buon Appetito! The unique nature of Fassone cattle leads to one of the world’s most underrated examples of beef excellence. Native to Italy’s northern regions, Fassone cows carry a singular genetic structure that makes them particularly muscular and low in fat. It’s even been referred to as a “miracle meat” because of its high levels of Omega 3 and 6 and its rich unsaturated fat which actually helps to reduce cholesterol.

Before the steak, the Deluxe Antipasto Platter ($298) is the perfect opening act with aged prosciutto, air-dried cured Bresaola beef, premium Italian salami with fresh Burrata Mozzarella cheese, giant green Cerignola olives, grilled artichokes, slow roasted tomatoes, fire-roasted sweet peppers, pickled garlic bulbs, pesto oil and focaccia toast.

On to the main event, and we have prepared a range of Fassone Cuts to cater for any occasion: Tenderloin ($460 for 10oz, $680 for 16oz), Sirloin ($600 for 16oz, $1,150 for 32oz) and Rib Eye ($625 for 16oz, $1,200 for 32oz); all come in two different sizes to suit your appetite.

September’s Wines of the Month hail from the Frescobaldi Family, one of the oldest and most important families in Italy that has been making wines for more than 700 years. The Frescobaldi Pomino Bianco DOC 2014, Tuscany, is a delightful blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc from one of the leading winemaking regions of Italy. It is fruity, flavourful and lively with excellent balance and low acidity.

The Tenuta Frescobaldi di Castiglioni 2012 Toscana IGT shuns tradition as a Tuscan wine by blending Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot with a small amount of Cabernet Franc and an even smaller amount of Sangiovese. Whilst unorthodox, the wine is truly superb being intense and full-flavored yet smooth, velvety and perfectly balanced.

The Gin of the Month is the Bordiga Premium Italian Dry Gin, distilled five times from a base of juniper berries combined with angelica root, coriander, orange and thyme. The 12-Year-Old Whisky of the Month is the Dalmore 12 year old, a top quality whisky from one of the most respected Highland distilleries.


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Hotelier Indonesia News: Forgotten Cuts, On-the-Bone
Forgotten Cuts, On-the-Bone
Hotelier Indonesia News
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