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Company founded in 1957 by Pere Cunill. Today run by the second generation of the Cunill family.
Joel Cunill learned all the secrets of design and manufacture of coffee grinders working as an apprentice to his father's side. In 1990 Joel Cunill took the witness till today, allowing his hobby became his way of life.

The continual pursuit of perfection has made Cunill, a company known and valued around the world for their high quality, their innovation and the reasonable price of its professional coffee grinders and citrus squeezers.

Founded in 1957 by Pere Cunill. In 1990 Joel Cunill, who learned all the secrets of the design and manufacturing of coffee grinders working as an apprentice beside his father, took over the reins of the family business until today, allowing his hobby to become his way of life.

Currently, the group is based in Sils -Girona, near Barcelona and has an area of over 8,000 m² dedicated to the production of professional coffee grinders.

With over 55 years of experience, Cunill has earned the trust of the coffee sector in more than 70 countries around the world. In the past 10 years, the dramatic increase in its production has led Cunill to become the world leader in the number of units manufactured.

In 55 years, there are many things that have changed, however the values of its founder, Pere Cunill, still remain: to combine quality, technology and experience to offer the best product on the market.

Proud of its history, of the constant search for perfection and of a job well done, they have transformed this family business into a world leader in the field of coffee grinders.

Since 1998 Cunill has developed a wide range of silent grinders that have revolutionised the market and have contributed to people's well-being.

As a result of the effort and impetus demonstrated over the years, its grinders are the first choice for baristas around the world, making Cunill the leader in professional silent coffee grinders.

Quality and the continual quest for this means that Cunill always makes a difference. Quality and sustainability are two words that are inseparable for the company.
All of its products are subjected to an individual quality control of grinding and dosage that ensures their optimum performance.

From the conception of the project up to the development of the product, the most advanced technology in the sector has been employed, resulting in one of the largest ranges of professional coffee grinders adapted to grind any type of coffee and for any type of business.

The constant search throughout its history for new materials such as stainless steel, the injection of high quality unbreakable plastics, aluminium, etc., has meant that all the components bearing the Cunill signature are designed to withstand and remain unaltered by the passage of time.

All Cunill materials and products comply with stringent international standards, both in terms of health and the industrial safety of the product. This compliance allows its grinders to be present all over the world.
Cunill always looks for improvement, in a coherent, effective and above all sustainable way


Ctra. Santa Coloma s/n
17410 Sils, Girona, SPAIN
+34 972168282

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